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21st February 2014

Quote: "It's very funny because people see him onscreen or out there in public in a certain way, and they have this vision of him being this romantic and so passionate... And sometimes I'm like, 'Who is this guy? Can you be a little bit of that?' Sometimes I'm like, 'Can we bring that guy home for a little bit?" Matthew Mcconaughey's wife Camila Alves admits the movie hunk isn't as romantic as his characters in movies like The Wedding Planner and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

9th March 2012

Fact: Matthew Mcconaughey has become the latest celebrity to leave Hollywood - the actor and his fiancee Camila Alves are setting up home in his native Texas. The Sahara star has bought a $4 million (£2.5 million) estate in Austin, according to Us Weekly.

26th October 2011

Quote: "The other day he goes, 'I want to go eat sushi'." Matthew Mcconaughey's girlfriend Camila Alves reveals their three-year-old son Levi has sophisticated food preferences.

31st March 2011

Quote: "I had two babies in three years, and my body is just now getting back to normal. So two for now is good." Model Camila Alves admits she's not thinking about expanding her brood with boyfriend Matthew Mcconaughey any time soon.

20th May 2010

Fact: Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has found another Brazilian celebrity to workout with - she hits the gym with Matthew Mcconaughey's girlfriend Camila Alves.

17th February 2010

Quote: "He's not good at it at all... He tries to mix things up... Levi's actually better at Portuguese than he is, and Levi's 18 months (old)." Matthew Mcconaughey's girlfriend Camila Alves insists the actor's young son has a better command of mum's native tongue than his father.

30th January 2009

Fact: Matthew Mcconaughey's girlfriend Camila Alves is to design a diaper bag range for trendy fashion chain Lucky Brand. The Brazilian gave birth to baby LEVI last year (08).

24th September 2008

Quote: "I don't have any plans for that today. Or tonight. Tomorrow's unlikely. But we'll see by the weekend." Matthew Mcconaughey insists he will marry his girlfriend Camila Alves at some point.

2nd September 2008

Quote: "(Camila Alves) is the love of my life. Everything is right. It's all good." Matthew Mcconaughey is all loved up with his girlfriend and mother of his newborn son LEVI.

8th August 2008

Quote: "I had a really long labour - it was, like, 60 hours... I had a blast doing it. It's the best story and the best dance I ever had... You have contractions and you're dancing with your partner." Brazilian model Camila Alves on her delivery room marathon. The stunner gave birth to actor Matthew Mcconaughey's son LEVI on 7 July (08).

8th August 2008

Fact: The mother of Matthew Mcconaughey's baby son LEVI is planning a designer diaper bag line. Brazilian model Camila Alves will launch her handbag range in Los Angeles this weekend (09-10Aug08) and if it's a success she plans to branch out into pregnancy and new mum accessories.

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