Camila Cabello was told 'Havana' would never be a hit.

The former Fifth Harmony star says people ''kept saying'' that her hit track would never make it on radio as people wouldn't ''get it'' so she is even more thrilled about celebrating it being at number one on pop radio.

She shared on Twitter: ''People kept saying to us that this song was never gonna work at radio because they didn't think people would 'get it', and today Havana is 1 at pop radio. Thanks to my amazing fan army and my lovely friends at radio for believing and supporting ...

''Accomplishments are never the important part, getting to make music and do what I love everyday is really the reward. But I know how hard u guys go for me and I really appreciate anybody who's ever believed and supported me on this journey so far.''

It comes after Camila insisted she isn't worried about chart success or similar recognition and would rather she look back on the song and know she did the best she could.

She said: ''I feel like for me, it's about looking back and being like, I really did this how I wanted it to be. Whether it's a performance, a song or an album.

''It's just about just me looking back at it and saying yes, this is how I wanted to present it to the world. The success is not about the result or data from it, it's just about doing the best I can do from it.''