If you ever wondered what a date with Donald Trump looks like, just ask comedy actress Candice Bergen. She confessed to Andy Cohen and Reese Witherspoon that she once got asked out by the now US President when she was in college - but there was definitely no second date.

Candice Bergen at the AFI Life Achievements Awards galaCandice Bergen at the AFI Life Achievements Awards gala

The 71-year-old 'Murphy Brown' star revealed the weird news during a game of Candidly Candice on 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen', where fellow guest Reese had to guess whether or not certain odd facts about her were true. Needless to say, she really did end up out with Trump way back in her college days where she was both Homecoming Queen and Miss University.

She said that he picked her up wearing a 'three piece burgundy suit and burgundy patterned leather loafers' in a 'burgundy limousine'. And if that wasn't bad enough, she also admitted that there was no chemistry on the date at all, unsurprisingly. 'I was home very early', she said, adding that she absolutely did not kiss him. 'There was no physical contact whatsoever.'

'He was a good-looking guy', she continued, fairly. 'And a douche.' Her less than romantic recollection of the encounter was made all the more funny by the fact that she was wearing a 'Free Melania' sweater, suggesting that she doesn't have a lot of fond memories of the President and holds that rather popular view that the First Lady ought to leave her tyrannical husband.

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Of course, Trump has been on a lot of dates in his time, and his list of former wives and girlfriends is pretty much endless. Among the rumoured many are Stormy Daniels, Mary Young, Allison Giannini, Ingrid Seynhaeve, Kylie Bax, Rowanne Brewer, Carla Bruni, Marla Maples, Gabriella Sabatini, Anna Nicole Smith, Kim Richards and Ivana Trump née Zelnickova.