Don’t worry Cara Delevingne, you may have missed out on your first shot at a feature film – one that will grab all of the headlines due to the saucy book it’s based on – but landing a spot in Grant Theft Auto V as a radio DJ is way, way cooler, trust us.

Cara Delevinge singingCara Delevinge streches those vocal chords

The British model – famous for her work with Burberry - had auditioned for the part of the virginal Anastasia Steele, a part rumored to be filled by people from Emma Watson to Mila Kunis in the past. A source told The Sun newspaper: "The lead role was not something that was offered."

She does have acting work going on, though; she was recently cast as a party girl in British flick Kids in Love, something her heavy clubbing lifestyle will work perfectly with. A source said: "It will be Cara's first big screen role, so she's really excited about it and is eager to make sure that she does a good job."

Cara DelevingneNo 50 Shades luck, but there's a bright side

Still, missing out on Fifty Shades won’t be too much of a blow considering she’s landed a role on Grand Theft Auto V – the videogame set to see the current generation of consoles out in style. She’ll fulfil the role of a radio DJ on the game’s infamous chatterbox, providing a satirical backdrop to all the murder and crime. "I am so happy to announce that I will be a radio DJ in @rockstargames new GTA V coming soon! Tune in!…" she Tweeted announcing her new role.