Cara Delevingne has revealed that she wants people to “accept” her as an actress, not just as a model.

Speaking to OK! magazine ahead of the release of her upcoming movie Paper Towns, out on August 17th, the 22 year old British beauty opened up about her new-found love for acting, and wants people to acknowledge that this is a permanent career move and see her with some credibility in this field.

Cara DelevingneCara Delevingne wants people to see her an an actor, not just a model

“I have five movies coming out this year [plus Suicide Squad in 2016], which is really exciting, so you don't really have a choice but to accept me as an actress now! I'm going to shove myself down your throat, in the nicest way possible,” she said during a wider discussion about her career.

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This comes soon after it was rumoured that the British beauty had quit modelling for good, having first emerged into the public eye via the catwalk over half a decade ago. Her agency, Storm Models, took her profile down from their website last month, and she herself had given a handful of interviews professing disillusionment with it. However, despite her enthusiasm for the big screen, Cara will not be giving up modelling for good.

“I'm going to carry on modelling - it's just going to happen a lot less. Actresses do modelling jobs, so it'll be kind of the same thing.” She also revealed that she feels more relaxed about the industry than she did when she started out, and not just because she’s now made a name for herself.

“I feel like people in modelling used to be competitive but, for me, if I didn't get a job and someone else did, it was like, of course there are so many prettier, taller, skinnier, whatever girls out there. It's not something you hassle over. And if your friend gets the job it's the best thing in the world because you're like, 'Yes! Someone I love got it.’”

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