Will the Fifty Shades of Grey movie ever be cast? It's been months now and the only solid news we've had is that British filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson will be directing. The roles, which will undoubtedly include plenty of nudity, sex and BDSM, have been batted around from one actor to the next with seemingly no one ready to assign their names to Christian Grey or Ana Steele.

EL James
Time Is Running Out To Cast The Adaptation Of EL James' Hugely Successful Books.

Emma Watson and Mila Kunis have publically stated they don't want to be associated with the saucy fiction and so have Armie Hammer, Garrett Hedlund and Taylor-Johnson's husband himself, who have each said they don't see themselves as the whip-brandishing type...well at least not on screen. Ian Somerhalder was reportedly up for the role but was rejected by the series' author herself who said he just wasn't right. Will a cast ever be formed?

Cara Delevingne
Could Cara Be Cast In 50 Shades?

However, it seems now that British model and It-girl Cara Delevingne has stepped up to audition for a role in the movie that is due out on release in 2014 though doesn't seem to have found anyone to play the main characters yet. Vogue reported that Delevingne, 21 today, has auditioned for an unknown role in the movie after becoming involved via Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Sam's husband, whom the model met last year whilst working on Anna Karenina.

Cara Delevingne
She's The Right Age To Play A Few Of The Female Characters.

There isn't a wealth of female characters in the novel, written by EL James, aside from the female protagonist, who becomes a sex slave to a wealthy businessman, Anastasia Steele. As Ana is supposed to be a student, Cara would be the perfect age but would she want such a controversial character to define the early years of her career?

Apart from the subservient Ana, there's her best friend and journalist Kate Kavanagh who's described as confident and beautiful. As a model, and one who isn't scared of the pap's lens at that; Cara could fit neatly into the role without taking centre-stage in the franchise.

Cara Delevingne
She May Be Wilder Than Most Models But Would It Be Wise To Be Involved In Such A Sex-Heavy Movie Aged 21?

Then there's Mia Grey, the adoptive sister of business magnate Christian, who is described as bubbly and outgoing. With besties in her phonebook ranging from the fashion glitterati to the big players in pop such as Rihanna and Rita Ora, Cara definitely isn't a shy wallflower. However, she'd have to dye and cut her trademark flowing gold lock short and black.

They're the only characters we're going to analyse right now, for fear of giving away any "spoilers." Which one did you think would suit the vivacious Miss Delevingne the best? Is it a good idea that the model-of-the-moment should enhance her acting portfolio with such a divisive movie?