Cara Delevingne is bored with modelling.

The 21-year-old beauty is wanting to abandon the catwalk in favour of a switch to Hollywood, and it is said she is keen to start focusing all her attention on an acting career.

Speaking to the Sunday People newspaper: ''Cara doesn't want to model any more. She finds it boring, too gossipy and exhausting.

''She's made a stand with her agency and, aside from big campaigns and shows, she will be slowing down her fashion word involvement. She just isn't interested in modelling being her main job.''

According to reports, the star - who is said to be moving in with close friend Michelle Rodriguez - has turned to her soon-to-be roommate to help her break into acting.

The insider added: ''Michelle's been helping Cara get a plan of action together. Cara's hot property now.

''Hollywood agents, managers and producers are very excited about her potential and she's bagging roles left, right and centre.

''She's potentially going to be the first young actress since Keira Knightly to make a real mark in Hollywood.''