Cara Delevingne wouldn't choose to wear make-up if she could.

The Burberry model - who has made a successful transition into acting through starring in movies 'Paper Towns' and 'Suicide Squad' - revealed she is not a fan of piling on layers of make-up and it is an unfortunate part of the job she has chosen in life.

Cara, 22 said: ''I love it but it's not something that bothers me that much and if I had a choice I wouldn't wear make-up and I would just jump around in pyjamas all day.''

And referring to her character Margo Roth Spiegelman in John Green's film adaptation 'Paper Towns' she admitted she felt connected to the character, who is constantly wearing jeans and tee-shorts and is nonchalant about fashion.

She told TV show 'Lorraine': ''I always thought Margo was one of those people, like is she the popular girl? She wouldn't go to school in a tight skirt because that's not her. Also, I'm kind of the same. In the mornings my job, it's what I do, but really I don't care at all about fashion.''