Cara Delevingne feels "inspired by people in the queer community".

The 31-year-old star believes that love "teaches you about yourself" and Cara is glad that she's finally found the confidence to embrace her real self.

In a promo video for Calvin Klein - which has been shared with PEOPLE - Cara says: "Love, to me, encapsulates everything about life: the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the magnificent. Just the highs and the lows, I guess.

"It teaches you about yourself. And I think, what I didn’t have, at least, is younger people today are so much more who they are and they’re not going to change for anyone whereas I felt like I was always so scared or like I didn’t want to be who I really was.

"There is so much more freedom to be who you want to be, of course there are still struggles and there is still so much to fight against but I get so inspired by people in the queer community."

Cara also feels that she's able to express herself through her fashion choices.

The model-turned-actress shared: "There’s such a clever way about using clothing as a statement. My personal style is: I don’t really care, slash I do really care, slash whatever I feel that day."

Meanwhile, Cara previously admitted that she's struggled to put a label on her own sexuality.

The movie star revealed that she's wrestled with her identity at different points in time.

Speaking to the BBC, Cara - who previously dated actress Ashley Benson - explained: "I kind of started as bisexual, and then I was pansexual. I felt like ‘I don’t know what letter I am!'"