Cara Delevingne realised she's a "prude" when she was asked to remove her underwear while filming a new docuseries.

The 30-year-old model-and-actress has made 'Planet Sex' for Hulu and the BBC - in which she describes herself as "100%" queer - and the programme put her into scenarios she'd never expected when she started filming, making her realise she's not as "down-with-anything" as she thought.

Speaking in Cannes at international TV market Mipcom, she told interviewer Emma Cox: “I went into the masturbation seminar thinking it was going to be a classroom and I’d have a notepad, and instead it was a pink, leather gym mat on the floor, with six people going, ‘Well, take your underwear off. This is the lube.'

“I didn’t realise I was a prude. I think I’m a pretty hip, young, cool, down-with-anything kind of girl but I was like, ‘Sorry what? Sorry, no, absolutely not, I will not do that.’ But I kind of did everything I felt comfortable doing.”

The 'Paper Towns' star insisted there wasn't a moment where she "had reservations", but still found herself in a number of "absurd" situations.

She explained: “I was more like, ‘What are we doing today?’ Because every day was completely different. I’m used to being a chameleon but this was absurd. One day you’re going to get your blood taken while having an orgasm, the next day you’re going to a porn library. I was like, ‘Right, okay, screw my head back on.’”

Cara said making the show during the COVID-19 pandemic "opened [her] eyes so much" and made her "grow up".

She said: “I feel like I needed this in my life, honestly.

"Maybe not to do it on camera — I mean, that was something I wanted to do for other people, but in terms of, for me, I grew up a lot. I had chosen to take a step back from love and relationships for a while before I did this and this made me realize again how much I needed to repair certain things in my life and move on from that. I really grew up a lot.”

Asked if it was difficult to get so personal on screen, the 'Carnival Row' actress - who has been romantically linked with the likes of St. Vincent, Harry Styles and Michelle Rodriguez in the past - noted she had "signed up for this life" but hasn't "been honest enough about this subject".

She said: “If I can or have had the effect I have on only one person or a group of kids, I don’t think I’ve spoken about it enough.

"Yes, me showing my face with someone I was in love with who happened to be the same sex, was something, but that wasn’t really enough in the real road and real journey I’ve been on in my life — the hard times, good times, great times…I was upset at myself I hadn’t done it earlier."