Model Cara Delevingne may have not made it on to the Fifty Shades of Grey cast but she has marked another step into acting in Karl Lagerfeld's new short film for fashion house Fendi.

Cara Delevingne

The 21 year-old face of the brand appeared in a seven minute video as a tearful girl with big hair who turns up at an old house with Saskia de Brauw rady for a black tie party. The pair are met by their sinister host who is played by Lady Amanda Harlech who shows them round her haunting estate. It dawns on the young guests that things aren't quite what they seem, meaning a handsome stranger must rescue them before it's too late...

Watch A Clip Of Karl Lagerfeld's Fendi Film:

Famed for being absolutely everywhere in fashion right now, it is surprisingly not modelling that interests the young star, rather she wants to advance her acting and singing portfolio. She's well on the way to her goals, having already starred in Anna Karenina and having spoken of plans to record her first album with a William Heard acoustic cover only recently released online.

Cara Delevingne Cap
Though Famed For Modelling, Cara Has Many Strings To Her Bow.

Dubbed "the new Kate Moss," Cara has made waves in the fashion industry after being featured as the face of Burberry for multiple seasons. She swaps effortlessly from elegan, polished fashion diva to her own grungy street style without a blink of an eye...but with plenty of tongue lolling. In a New York Fashion Week interview with Industrie magazine, as reported by The Mirror, Cara opened up on the annual event and her hopes for the future, including foregoing boys for the time being.

Listen To Cara's 'Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)' Collaboration With Will Heard:

"Fashion week is HORRIBLE. I mean it isn't horrible really, it's amazing. But having to work that much every day is. "What I find hard is having to deal with all the people and all the c**p," she confessed "It is when the press and fans are following me most and it's when I work the hardest, so it's kind of like, f***." If Cara's idea of working hard is strutting up and down a catwalk and having her hair done, we'd love to see her on a construction yard.

The star, who dated Jake Bugg for five months and has been linked to One Direction singer Harry Styles, stated that she's through with boys for the time being: "I'm done with boys, they're so annoying, all they care about is their willies. I want to behave more like a boy. I want to be the strong one. People see me being a crazy b**** but I'm the opposite inside."

Cara Delevingne Funny Face
Cara Is Outspoken On The Issues Of Men, Fashion Week & Social Media.

Although Cara is known for her childish clothes, and regular face-pulling in front of a camera, she has had to battle through her mother's heroin addiction when she was a child and this has helped her keep a little perspective when hearing about her fans' issues. "It's so hard when you're young and you feel so alone. "They talk to me about anything, really - eating disorders, depression, family problems, especially because they know the things that may have gone on in my life, stuff with my mother, she said.

Cara Delevingne Fendi
Will Cara Ditch Modelling For Acting?

"It's really sweet. It's horrible, the stuff they go through. I try as much as I can to help by saying one little thing like 'hello,' Cara added. She said that she feels many problems stem from social media, saying "[Kids are]horrid to each other online, they bully each other - they should shut up and stop it. The problem with social media is there is too much freedom. It's too much, too young."

Cara features on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V video game as a DJ.