Cara Delevigne is taking the socialite part of her model/socialite job description very seriously. The most recent sighting of the supermodel was at a Knicks game, together with Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez. The two were caught in numerous photos and, according to an ever trustworthy “source” for Us Weekly, engaged in a lot of “bizarre behavior” during the game. Mostly it sounds like they were smoking e-cigarettes, making funny faces and drinking. The observer explained: "Cara had to take Michelle's drink away from her during the 2nd half of the game. Michelle was so sloppy, it was embarrassing to watch."

Cara Delevingne
Cara has never been a shy one - on or off camera.

Nevertheless, wherever Cara and her magical eyebrows go these days, there’s news and if Rodriguez is present too, then that’s an added bonus. According to gossip mag, the two also shared a brief makeout sesh in the Madison Square Garden stands, although unfortunately, it wasn’t caught on kiss cam. Since Rodriguez has admitted to having “gone both ways” in the past, and Cara has been caught making out with various celebs, most recently Miley Cyrus, this “news” isn’t all that shocking anymore. Although, clad in leather and skull print, Delevingne and Rodriguez did look rather snazzy during their over-exposed outing.

Michelle Rodriguez
Add a tipsy Michelle Rodriguez to the mix and things get a little sloppy.

Rodriguez is apparently enjoying her hiatus from acting. The 35-year-old revealed that she would be taking a break this year to pursue a slight career change.

"I got into this business to write," she told Cosmo for Latinas last April. "I've waited 13 years to actually do it. You know how painful that is? It's very painful. But like now I'm ready, so that means I have to do the cutoff." Well, most writers need the occasional mental break for inspiration. It looks like Rodriguez is taking that part of the process to heart.