Cara Delevingne's co-star in her forthcoming Sky Arts drama Timeless says the supermodel possesses the same acting qualities as Audrey Hepburn. Sylvia Sims, who plays Delevingne's great grandmother in the Playhouse Presents show, said the model was "an absolute joy" to work with.

Cara DelevingneCara Delevingne Leaving a Hotel

"I worked years ago with a beautiful girl who became very famous," the 80-year-old told the Evening Standard. "This child here has the same quality which is known as not acting for the camera. She is real and an absolute joy to work with. I was told I was going to work with a model and I had never heard of her but I literally fell in love with her on the first day. The other girl I loved was Audrey Hepburn."

In new stills from the episode, Delevingne looks rather dowdy in a polo shirt and dressing gown - appearing to break down in tears during one scene. 

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In a spate of Instagram images from the set of the show, Cara wrote: "Thank you skyarts and everyone involved in making Timeless. I am so lucky to have worked with this woman and be able to call her my friend, she has taught me so much! #SylviaSyms #legend #thankyou [sic]."

Delevingne, who has made no secret of her wish to have a career in television and film, plays a young woman whose fiance is serving in Afghanistan. 

Timeless is due to be screened on Sky Arts on June 19. 

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