Ok, so supermodels getting in front of the microphone never ends particularly well. Remember when Kate Moss thought she was Nancy Sinatra? Hands up who bought Naomi Campbell's debut album Baby Woman? If you've got your hand up right now, put it down, because nobody bought it.

Cara DelevingneCara Delevingne Went Into The Studio With Will Heard

So we here at Contactmusic.com winced a little after hearing Cara Delevingne had gone into the studio with Will Heard for an acoustic rendition of Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine). The Klangkarussell single is currently at number three on the iTunes singles chart. People have heard it. People like it. Could Cara do it justice?

Well, the good news for fans of that model is that...it isn't terrible. It's not particularly memorable, and Will does most the singing while Cara stands around doing the odd backing vocal, but, yeah, it's fine.

"I've known Cara since we were both 14/15, through mutual friends," Heard told Digital Spy this week, "Her vocal is really understated and what she does with it is unique, not what you would typically expect. Also, her guitar skills are ridiculously good and she's great fun to jam with."

Though Delevingne's appearance is making the headlines, it's perhaps Heard whom we should be focusing on. He's signed a deal with Trevor Horn's Perfect Song and has been busy working the likes of Future Cut, Baby Daddy, Billy Mann and Justin Parker. 

As for Cara, maybe stick to the day job. At least part-time. 

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