Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse and Georgia May Jagger got thrown out of a strip show for ''terrorising'' the dancers.

The three models celebrated Georgia's 22nd birthday in January 2014 in Las Vegas and had a night to remember, capped off by their bad behaviour at the Chippendales' show.

Georgia told Britain's Vogue magazine: ''We stayed in a room with a bowling alley, we went to see Celine Dion, we bumped into Tyra Banks...''

The publication added: ''Suki and Cara then relate how they terrorised the Chippendales during their stage act - something involving, they giggle, a banana and Cara trying to give them a wedgie. They got thrown out.''

The trio love hanging out together and even enjoy sleepovers at one another's houses.

Georgia May said: ''We're going to do face masks, we're going to watch movies, we're going to catch up.''

Cara added: ''Georgia and I are the insomniacs. Suki falls asleep then she wakes in the night and goes to the fridge.''

While Suki and Georgia went to school together, they struck up a strong bond with Cara at the Glastonbury festival.

Georgia said: ''Cara and I shared our first Glastonbury together.''

Cara interrupted: ''Yes, that's where we fell in love.''

Suki objected: ''I was there too! What the f**k.''