Cara Delevingne has requested a special private area for her pet rabbit at V Festival.

The 21-year-old supermodel loves to travel with her bunny Cecil and it seems her pampered pet is just as eager as she is to see stars such as Justin Timberlake and The Killers in action at the annual English music event - held in both in Essex and Staffordshire - in August.

Cara has reportedly asked organisers to set up a small VIP area for the floppy-eared rabbit to roam free and gorge on an endless supply of carrots.

A source said: ''It seems that Cara has finally found her true love. She has requested an area - complete with an unlimited carrot supply - in Virgin Media's Louder Lounge at this year's V Festival for her beloved pet rabbit.''

Cecil has amassed more than 102,000 followers on his very own Instagram account, which often features snaps of Cara cuddling him, and he's even posed for a selfie with the model's famous pal Rita Ora.

Meanwhile, Cara, who is making a bold move into acting, has revealed how her co-star in a new TV drama branded her a ''model tart'' when they first met.

Cara stars alongside 80-year-old actress Sylvia Syms in 'Timeless' and the screen veteran ensured there were no diva antics on set.

She told the Metro newspaper: ''The first thing Sylvia said when I met her was, 'I hear you're some model tart.' That was the best moment - it was absolutely brilliant. Sylvia kept me in my place.''

The blonde beauty has lined up a string of movie roles, but insists she will never turn her back on modelling.

She added: ''Acting is all I've ever wanted to do, so I'm living the dream. I prefer acting to modelling. Modelling is where I started and I could never turn my back on it because without it I wouldn't be here, but this is what I love. This is it for me.''