Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion collaborated on 'WAP' after meeting through their stylists.

The pair's new track recently debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with the greatest number of streams ever for a song's first week and the collaboration came about after they were introduced by their respective stylists.

Cardi's business partner and the CEO of District 18 Entertainment Brooklyn Johnny, told Billboard: ''Cardi met up with Megan Thee Stallion. Her stylist, Kollin Carter, and Megan's stylist, EJ [King], they have a good relationship with each other; obviously, they work in the same space. And it's funny, I've had a long business relationship with one of Megan's managers, T Farris. He works with Megan and I work with Cardi and we would always be like, 'It'd be dope for the girls to do something!' But with artists, it's better to let that naturally happen so that there's an organic connection there. So we never forced it.

''But styling is a very sensitive thing. A lot of people may not know that, but it is. They spend a lot of time on ideas that visually have to do with the stylist. So the two stylists had a good relationship, and they were like, 'It would be dope if y'all would communicate'. And Cardi, she's a good spirit. So anybody she feels got good vibes, she's like, 'Sure! Let's kick it'. And Megan, it's the same thing on her side, 'Let's kick it!' So they kicked it one day, they had a good vibe, and after that evening, I asked, 'How was it? How'd it go?' And she was like, 'She's a sweet girl, I got a very good vibe from her.' Cardi's very intuitive. She was like, 'I like her, she gave me a really really good vibe. Maybe we'll do something with her'.''

And Johnny revealed that the collaboration was seamless from the start.

He explained: ''You know, it's almost like when ketchup met French fries. Like cereal and milk. Like, 'Oh, s***! This is it!'''They complement each other. Two different flows, two different energies, two different accents, two different dictions, two different deliveries. In that moment, it just reminded me of old school hip-hop. And I was like, these two girls are about to create history together. You don't usually see things like this happen.

''Artists don't usually do things like this when they're on the top of their games. This type of thing usually happens with one person tryna pull the other person up, or if the other person is on their way down, that's the time you'd see that. But for two people to look at each other eye to eye like, 'Yeah, we're contenders, but we're about to do this together'. I would say that from inception - and this is a quote straight out of Cardi's mouth - It was like butter. The whole experience was like butter. It was dope.''