Cardi B has paid tribute to Takeoff following his memorial service.

The 28-year-old rapper was shot and killed in Houston earlier this month and Cardi - who is married to Takeoff's cousin and Migos bandmate Offset - took to Instagram to pay tribute to the late star.

She wrote: "Takeoff your untimely passing has brought a great deal of pain and sorrow to so many lives. The impact you had in this world was so considerable and we have struggled to grasp this tragedy. I am heartbroken but I am grateful for all the precious memories we got to share while you were here with us. This has truly been a nightmare and the pain is incomparable. The emptiness your brothers are feeling is unbearable and I pray that you give Offset ,Quavo, and your friends and family the strength to keep going as they are trying to cope with this loss. I believe that angels send signs and beautiful dreams to loved ones to assure them that they’re watching them and they’re okay and happy…send your mom some of those. As a Migos fan it hurts me to look at pictures and videos of y’all together, and hearing y’all songs that changed the music industry and moved the culture and had the clubs lit. It hurts because I know it will never be the same again—but I know your bros and y’all fans will make sure the world never forgets the impact you made. I will remember your remarkable talent and your dope ass personality. I pray that you are at peace and in paradise because you deserve every bit of it. I know God opened the heavenly gates for you with a warm embrace. Rest in power TakeOff I will also love you 4L after."

Cardi's post came after she attended a star-studded memorial service for Takeoff - whose real name was Kirsnick Khari Ball - at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Drake gave a touching eulogy in which he compared himself and Migos to the Rat Pack, while Justin Bieber and Chloe Bailey performed on stage.

Drake called Takeoff "forever balanced" and added: "Whenever he would take his shades off, he had this thing about him that I loved - no matter what was going on around us, he was always squinting but like his eyes were wide open".

Takeoff's uncle and Migos rapper Quavo said: "Takeoff has been by my side [since childhood], looking up at me with them eyes, same eyes you got as my sister, waiting on me to make the next move, then you followed up right behind me. You always made sure I did it first so you could do it right with me.

"You never competed with me. We was always on the same team cause you hated playing against me cause I always played too hard or too rough."

An emotional Offset added: "I don't want to question you God, I just don't - I just don't get it. I don't get you sometimes."

Takeoff's mother and siblings also spoke at the memorial service.