British rocker Carl Barat has credited his girlfriend EDIE LANGLEY with giving him the confidence to overcome his alcohol problems for good.
Barat began drinking heavily to combat his crippling stage fright while performing in The Libertines and his habit spiralled out of control until 2008, when he was admitted to hospital with acute pancreatitis - caused by booze.
The singer is now able to drink in moderation, and insists it was his partner Langley who helped him settle down.
He says, "I know it sounds rather hokey but finding love has made the difference. It's having the support to be honest and to learn to be comfortable with who I am. I've had a really harrowing six years and have been to some really dark places. Now there's this acceptance of myself which I've never had before.
"(I) no longer feel the need to get wasted. There's not the bottomless pit there anymore."
The couple will become parents to their first child in December (10).