Carl Weathers' famous death scene in Rocky Iv was so convincing, an onset medic feared the actor had been seriously injured.
Weathers' character Apollo Creed was killed off in the 1985 installment of the boxing franchise after suffering fatal punches during a bout with a Russian rival, played by Dolph Lundgren.
Cinema audiences were left shocked by the graphic and realistic nature of the scene, as Creed is shown flat out on the canvas convulsing after a knockdown.
And Weathers has now revealed the scene was so authentic, an onset doctor thought the actor had suffered a serious head injury.
Speaking on The Biography Channel documentary The Rocky Saga: Going The Distance, Weathers says, "I thought, well Apollo goes down - number one, I don't want to catch myself, 'cause that gives it away.
"And then I was doing this little twitching as I went down and the doctor really thought I'd got taken out. He came running up to me - 'Are you okay, are you alright?'. (I replied) 'Yeah, man!'. He saw the twitching and thought I got tagged, man. It worked, it worked."