Rio 2All Your Favorite Characters Are Back In 'Rio 2'

The sequel to 2011's 'Rio' is getting closer, with the return of Ice Age director Carlos Saldanha and a new trailer looks like the new movie has just as much feathery fun to offer as the original. It once again follows Blue and Jewel, the two macaws living a pretty idyllic lifestyle with their caring owners Linds and Tulio, who seek to keep them safe from smugglers.

The pair frequently throw bird parties for their pals, Pedro, Nico, Toco the Toucon and Luiz, but when the free spirited Jewel wishes to venture into the wilderness of the Amazon rainforest to raise the couple's children amongst normal birds, their steady lives begin to unravel. Blu is used to being domesticated and he struggles to adapt to his new surroundings  - something not helped by the return of the evil Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Nigel whose sole aim in life is to make Blu's life anything but easy. 

Watch the Rio 2 teaser trailer here!

The new movie is written by Saldanha and Don Rhymer (Big Momma's House, The Santa Clause 2) and once again features the voice of Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx, Jesse Eisenberg, Leslie Mann and It won't hit screens in the UK until April 4, 2014, so you'll just have to watch the teaser trailer over and over again for the time being. 

Rio 2The Team Are Threatened By Nigel The Evil Cockatoo In 'Rio 2'!