Singer/songwriter Carly Simon wishes hit 2010 film The King's Speech had been released during her youth - because it may have helped cruel students understand her "bad stammer".
The You're So Vain hitmaker began stuttering at the age of eight and she was constantly bullied and teased by her classmates for having a speech impediment.
The 66 year old tells Reuters, "There was no specific remedy for it when I was a kid, so I never coped with it. I just had my mom's lap. I would sit on her lap and cry all the time. I'd be so embarrassed and afraid to go to school."
And the Grammy Award winner wishes The King's Speech, which explores England's King George VI's battles with his stammer, was released prior to the 21st century - because it finally shone a light on those suffering with the same problem.
She adds, "It's another thing that people didn't know that much about. If The King's Speech had come out when I was in high school, then people would have had more understanding about stuttering."