Carol Vorderman has revealed, possibly accidentally, on Twitter that she recently fell off a treadmill while running with no clothes on. Possible tweet of the year contender, here, raising the more intriguing question of why she was running naked in the first place.

She had shared a story about an unfortunate woman, who sent an important workplace e-mail with a swear word written in because of an autocorrect function, with a friend in a conversation on the social media site on Wednesday (August 26th), and followed that up with the annoucement that she sustained serious bruises and burn-like injuries when she fell off the treadmill.

Carol VordermanCarol Vorderman

The former ‘Countdown’ star then shared a picture of the gym apparatus in question on Thursday morning, writing “Tripped. Fell. Belt running. Trapped at end as close to wall (stupid). Painful…”. Which leads us to ask whether she was wearing shoes or not? Sounds pretty painful, in either case.

54 year old Vorderman is known to be an exercise fanatic, engaging in hiking and kickboxing as well as running, previously releasing an exercise DVD and a guide to a 28-day detox regime. However, she recently confessed to the Daily Express that she was finding it tougher to maintain the same figure since turning fifty.

“I have found that in my fifties – and everybody in their fifties finds the same – you can pile on weight a lot faster. You can get out of good habits very quickly and into bad ones very quickly. It's harder to get out of bad ones and into good ones.”

Vorderman has suffered injuries in domestic accidents in the recent past. Back in March 2013, she sustained a broken nose, a badly gashed forehead and a cut eyelid after she fell down a flight of stairs while running down them with her hands in her pockets.

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