Caroline Flack once passed out when she tried to exercise.

'The Xtra Factor' presenter used to push herself too hard in the gym and fainted right in the middle of a gruelling squats routine.

She recalled in an interview with OK! magazine: ''I had a hardcore personal trainer and I passed out doing burpees.

''It was a dramatic reaction but I hadn't exercised for a long time! My trainer said, you can go home now!''

The bubbly star has since eased up on her exercise regime and prefers to do some more gentle Pilates classes to keep fit.

Caroline said: ''I do Pilates a couple of times a week. I'm not a regular exerciser but I used to dance a lot as a teenager so when I do train again I get back into shape quite quickly.''

However, she has been known to go on health kicks in the past and once tried fad diet juicing, which consists of only consuming fruits and vegetables in liquid form.

She joked: ''I tried juicing. For the first time since being a baby you have no solids. I felt like I'd gone back into the womb! I was constantly hungry.

''Diets play with your mind rather than your body, so if I'm doing a diet, I think about food more than if I'm just eating normally.

''The best advice is to exercise, then you can eat what you want!''