It's time we cut some slack for TV presenter Caroline Flack as she reveals just how much criticism over her 'X Factor' presenting skills affected her, even admitting to turning to booze to ease the stress after a long day. Let's hope she's feeling much healthier now.

Caroline FlackCaroline Flack turned to drink over 'X Factor' stress

The presenter was sacked along with Olly Murs from their presenting gig on 'The X Factor' recently, and yesterday (May 26th 2016) she confessed just how difficult it was to deal with all the abuse over their frequent gaffes, and how it led to her drinking heavily in the evenings.

'I used to turn to wine if I had a stressful day. And I acted like it was a treat', she told The Sun in an interview. 'But it's not a treat. You're just covering up your stress rather than dealing with it.' She also added that she wasn't 'feeling 100 per cent healthy or 100 per cent happy' and certainly 'wasn't looking after [her]self'.

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When Murs and Flack took over the much-loved Dermot O'Leary, they were soon faced with a barage of criticism, accused of interrupting each other despite the autocue, stuttering over their lines and making much more serious mistakes such as Murs' wrongly announcing that one contestant - Monica Michael - was going home when her fate had in fact not been settled. Suffice it to say, Flack herself never made a mistake as serious as that, but she's been in the game a lot longer than Murs.

Nowadays she's presenting the second series of ITV2's 'Love Island', and she has a different way of looking at all the negative comments she still receives. 'You have to be able to filter those comments out because it's nonsense', she told the Radio Times. 'You've just got to ignore all the online haters - we give them so much air time!'