Carrie Ann Inaba has revealed she met fiance Jesse Sloan on the dating website eHarmony. The 43-year-old says she decided not to use a profile picture and simply spoke of her love for cats, before the potential dates began rolling in.
Speaking on a recent episode of television show Access Hollywood, Carrie said she and Jesse initially began emailing each other after he had found her profile. She said, "I didn't put anything about really, who I was.I really put exactly what I wanted - I put, I love cats. I'm crazy, crazy cat lady. He took a risk". After plucking up the courage to send a photo, Inaba says she received an email from Jesse that read, "Oh, I have bad news. I know who you are.It's okay, I'm not going to tell anybody. I think we're having a really great conversation here and it's growing. Can we meet?" The pair eventually had their first date at a friend's house, before the relationship began to blossom. He famously proposed to her live-on-air as she guest hosted ABC morning talk show 'Live with Regis and Kelly' in March. Carrie Ann now says the couple are trying for their first baby while also planning their upcoming nuptials.
While on the show, Inaba also turned her attention to the furore on Dancing With The Stars, on which dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy has criticised judge Len Goodman for inconsistent scoring. She defended her co-judge, saying, "Sometimes, I guess people get offended by what we say, and it happens. Our job is to judge".