Carrie Underwood felt "lucky" to grow up around 90s grunge.

The 'Before He Cheats' hitmaker admits she has "always loved" country music - which she describes as her "home" - but says the likes of Nirvana and Soundgarden were her favourite music growing up.

Discussing her musical tastes, she shared: "I was lucky enough to grow up with 90s grunge. In my teens I was into Nirvana and Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. I loved everything he did. But I always loved country music, that is my home and my heart."

Carrie is releasing a new album, 'My Savior', which she has described as a collection of gospel hymns and she is looking forward to performing them for a special live stream from the Ryman Auditorium on Easter Sunday (04.04.21).

She said: "I had such an amazing, inspired time making My Gift, I wanted to stay in that mindset. With My Savior, I wanted it to feel like I was in the church I grew up in, to freshen the hymns up but keep the traditional feel and the heart ... It was all about wanting to bring these songs to life again, and obviously now I wanted to do something on stage. The Ryman is so inspirational, it feels like a church."

And the 38-year-old singer admits she has "always wanted" to make an album like this as she feels hymns have "shaped" her as an artist through the years.

Speaking to the Sunday Express, she shared: "It's the album I always wanted to make. Hymns and gospel music shaped me as an artist. They were the first things I sang. I've been singing them my whole life."