Some viewers at home were left thoroughly unimpressed with the show and in particular with Underwood's depiction of Maria. One unimpressed viewer tweeted "How do you solve a problem like a miscast Maria? #TheSoundOfMusicLive," and another, "If I were horribly miscast as Maria, I'd cry too. #TheSoundOfMusicLive."

The Sound of Music cast
Stars Stephen Moyer, Carrie Underwood and the Von Trapp children

Critical reception was also mixed, with imposing views of the production coming from all angles. Whilst CMT were left in awe of the production and Underwood's performance, claiming "she carried the show" and that she proved wrong "anyone [who] doubted whether or not she could pull this role off," Time was on the complete opposite side of the critical spectrum. They called the entire show "so cringe-worthy that it was at least fun to watch," and were particularly critical of lead actors Underwood and Stephen Moyer, who played Captain Von Trapp, and their apparent lack of chemistry.

With the show only airing last night, the final figures for audience numbers are still being compiled, so there's no way of telling whether or not the show was a success where it mattered the most. Should last night's production prove to be a hit in the audience numbers, then don't be surprised to see a few more live stage shows broadcast around this time in years to come. Just like the olden days!

Sound of Music Von Trapp kids
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