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A Ghost Story Trailer

C and M are a married couple who love one another very much, they live together in their little detached suburban home where C composes his music. The pair are incredibly close and when C is killed in a fatal car accident M is left with only the memories of their time together.

M goes to the morgue to identify her husband and confirms that the body is him and returns to their little home. M is alone but not quite as alone as she thinks. C didn't cross over to the spirit world, he remained on Earth and is now living in their house. M is full of grief for the loss of her husband and often listens to his musical compositions, particularly the song he wrote for her.

Whilst M is living in the real world, time and space are a completely different case for C as months and years feel like minutes and seconds. When M attempts to move on with her life and finally brings a man back to her home, C becomes angry and his manifestation and causes the power to go out as well as throwing books around the home.

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Brie Larson Says Not Applauding Casey Affleck At The Oscars "Spoke For Itself"

Brie Larson Casey Affleck

Brie Larson has spoken for the first time about her much-discussed decision not to applaud Casey Affleck as she handed him his Oscar for Best Actor at the Academy Awards last month, saying that it “spoke for itself”.

Back at the 89th Oscars, many noticed that the 27 year old star remained conspicuously still as the rest of the auditorium applauded Affleck after he bagged the prize for his role in Manchester By the Sea. It was especially pointed as Larson had won the Oscar for Best Actress the year before, for her moving portrayal of a long-term sexual abuse victim in the acclaimed film Room.

Brie LarsonBrie Larson at a pre-Oscars party in 2017

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Casey Affleck Addresses Sexual Harassment Allegations After Oscar Win

Casey Affleck

Following his prestigious Oscar win for Best Actor at the weekend, Casey Affleck has broken his silence over the controversy surrounding sexual harassment allegations against him seven years ago.

Since he collected the Academy Award for his role in Manchester By the Sea on Sunday night, not everybody has been celebrating, with many recalling that he had been accused of “uninvited and unwelcome sexual advances in the workplace” by two women on the set of his mockumentary movie I’m Still Here back in 2010.

Casey AffleckCasey Affleck with his Oscar for 'Manchester By the Sea'

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Everything We Know So Far About Casey Affleck's Next Project 'Light Of My Life'

Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck may have just won Best Actor at the 89th Academy Awards for his role in 'Manchester By The Sea', but what of his future projects? He has began shooting 'Light of My Life' this February in which he stars and is also director and screenwriter.

Casey AffleckCasey Affleck films new drama 'Light of My Life'

With principal photography in full swing for 'Light of My Life', the movie marks Casey Affleck's third directorial venture after 1999's Sundance short film series 'The Book of Charles' and Joaquin Phoenix's 'I'm Still Here' which he co-wrote. He also wrote the script for 2002's 'Gerry' with Matt Damon and director Gus Van Sant.

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Manchester By The Sea Review


This may not be the cheeriest movie of the season, but it's so skilfully written, directed and acted that it's impossible not to be pulled into its powerfully wrenching drama. Writer-director Kenneth Lonergan (see also 2011's sleeper masterpiece Margaret) creates characters so vivid that they get deep under the skin, and he allows his actors to so fully inhabit them that they become unforgettable.

This is the story of Lee (Casey Affleck), a janitor who is hiding in Boston from his past. When his brother Joe (Kyle Chandler) has a heart attack, he returns to his hometown Manchester to take care of Joe's 16-year-old son Patrick (Lucas Hedges), who isn't remotely happy about this set-up. But Joe's estranged wife Elisa (Gretchen Mol) has vanished, and Lee's ex-wife Randi (Michelle Williams) has started a new life. So while Patrick struggles to maintain his independence, Lee tries to build some sort of relationship with him. But both are still reeling with pain over things that happened to them over the years.

Yes, the central theme here is grief, and Lonergan piles mountains of it onto these characters. As details about their back-stories are revealed, the intensity of the emotions becomes nearly unbearable, and yet neither Lonergan nor the actors ever give into sentimentality or trite sermons. This is achingly realistic, an exploration of how people survive even the worst things life can throw at them. And Affleck delivers his best performance yet in the role, a devastatingly transparent turn that holds the audience in rapt attention. Newcomer Hedges matches him beat for beat as a deeply likeable teen whose prickly reactions make him even more sympathetic. And both Williams and Mol add some blistering electricity as women struggling to reinvent themselves. In just a few scenes, Williams very nearly steals the film.

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Could Historic Sexual Harassment Lawsuits Derail Casey Affleck's Award Hopes?

Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck, the star of Manchester By the Sea and favourite to be a nominee for the Best Actor Oscar later this year, is facing the possibility of coming under scrutiny regarding historic sexual harassment lawsuits as awards season heats up.

Having triumphed at the Golden Globes in the same category on Sunday (January 8th), the 41 year old actor – younger brother of fellow Hollywood star Ben – appeared to allude to the matter in his acceptance speech.

“It’s my kids who give me permission to do this because they have the character to keep at bay all the noise that sometimes surrounds people who live publicly," he said.

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Manchester By The Sea Trailer

Lee Chandler lives a life of self-imposed exile but that's not how he's always been. For many years prior, he lived in the small town of Manchester-By-The-Sea where the rest of his family and his fiancé all live. It's a picturesque fishing town and the pace of life is slower than any city could offer and the Chandler's all live good lives. Now, Lee lives in Boston and works as a janitor and his strict day to day routine has been brought about to limit the amount of people he see and has to deal with.

When Lee's brother, Joe, dies Lee is made the guardian of Patrick, Joe's teenage son. The news comes as a surprise to both men. Patrick is dealing with the loss of his family and now is forced to live with his uncle who's distanced himself from the family years prior.

Patrick doesn't understand his uncle's reluctance to relocate and move back to the small neighbourhood he used to call home. As hard choices are made and old acquaintances become part of the present day picture, Lee must not only do what is best for himself but also consider his nephew and the wishes of his brother.

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The Finest Hours Review


With its rousing, old-fashioned tone, this fact-based epic is properly thrilling and inspirational, a tale of heroism that almost seems too good to be true. But it's the astonishing story of a real sea rescue carried out by ordinary men who rose to the challenge. It's also expertly directed by Craig Gillespie (Million Dollar Arm) to bring out subtle character detail amid the exhilarating action.

The events took place in a sleepy Massachusetts fishing town in the dead of winter 1952, where Bernie (Chris Pine) is an earnest Coast Guard sailor who has just agreed to marry his strong-willed sweetheart Miriam (Holliday Grainger). Then one night a fierce storm breaks an oil tanker in half just off the coast, and Bernie is sent by his aloof commander Daniel (Eric Bana) to lead a rescue mission. He takes his colleague Richard (Ben Foster) and two young crewmen (Kyle Gallner and John Magaro) with him, heading into the dangerous sea swells. Meanwhile on the tanker's still-floating stern section, engineer Ray (Casey Affleck) becomes the leader of a cantankerous 32-man crew, steering the wreckage toward the relative safety of a shoal. And in these conditions, the odds are in nobody's favour.

Unusually, despite pitch-black conditions with driving rain and swelling seas, the on-screen action is crisp and clear. Gillespie uses vivid effects and clever camerawork to keep the audience right in the thick of things, conveying a vivid sense of scale while detailing the connections between each string of events. And because we understand what's happening and who these people are, the set-pieces are literally breathtaking. This is partially due to the fact that these are normal people who are very easy to identify with, from Pine's inarticulate but tenacious sailor to Affleck's reluctant natural leader. Intriguingly, Grainger's Miriam is the film's feistiest character, a woman who simply can't sit still and wait for news.

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Triple 9 Review


After a post-apocalyptic dystopia (The Road) and Prohibition-era America (Lawless), Australian director John Hillcoat brings his edgy Wild West sensibilities to this gritty present-day heist thriller. The film is fierce and stylish, and utterly gripping even though there's the nagging sensation that nothing is happening under the surface. Thankfully, the actors add plenty of terrific texture to their characters.

It's set in Atlanta, where Terrell (Chiwetel Ejiofor) leads his crew of thugs (Anthony Mackie, Clifton Collins Jr., Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus) through a riotously dangerous bank robbery. They're working for the cold-hearted Russian mobster Irina (Kate Winslet), who demands an even bigger heist before she'll pay them. Terrell has a child with Irina, so feels like he has little choice in the matter, but his team is made up of unstable hotheads and corrupt cops who have their own opinions. One of the cops also has a new partner in Chris (Casey Affleck), a tenacious good guy who's the nephew of a cynical detective (Woody Harrelson) who's just beginning to crack this case. So the gang decides to distract the city's police force with a triple 9, code for a downed officer, while they carry out their next elaborate robbery. The question is who will take the bullet.

Matt Cook's script is a bundle of mad twists and turns, usually the result of impulsive gang members who act without thinking. The tension is very high, as each person's morality is warped at every turn. All while Chris tries to remain upright in the middle of a storm he doesn't quite understand. Each character is up against a wall, ready to do whatever it takes to survive in a situation that is getting increasingly out of control. And without more subtext, or at least a sense of these people's back-stories, no one on-screen is very likeable.

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Triple 9 Trailer

Terrell Tompkins and his team of officers are corrupt, finding ways to embellish their wage has turned into a habit that's about to land them in a lot of trouble. When a powerful member of the Russian mafia learns of Tompkins' money making ways, she blackmails him and his team into pulling a heist for her. Fearing they'll be exposed, the gang carry out the job for Irene, a woman who might look glamourous but has a dark soul. Once the job's complete, the crew believe they're in the clear but savvy Sergeant Detective Jeffrey Allen has been put on the case and he soon discovers that there's probably more to the robbery than first thought.

That's not the only problem facing Tompkins, Irene tracks the cop down and requests another job - if refused Irene won't hesitate in taking their lives. This job is far bigger than the last and is an almost impossible mission. Feeling their only option is to distract all the cops in their district, the team come up with a plan to pull a Triple 9 call - police code for 'officer down'. However, with Sergeant Detective Allen constantly uncovering more information and being faced with the ordeal of killing one of their own, the job will be far from straight forward.

Triple 9 is directed by John Hillcoat who also directed 2012's Lawless starring Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy & the film adaptation of The Road starring Viggo Mortensen.

'Out Of The Furnace' Is Tough Watch, But Worth The Effort - Reviews Roundup

Christian Bale Casey Affleck Zoe Saldana Woody Harrelson Scott Cooper

Out of the Furnace, a story of working class turmoil and frustration, has critics singing its praises so far. That’s not unexpected – starring Christian Bale and Casey Affleck, the movie boasts plenty of talent. Zoe Saldana, Woody Harrelson, Willem Defoe, Forest Whitaker and Sam Shepard all give their best in Out of the Furnace, which tells the story of Russell Baze (Christian Bale) taking justice into his own hands after the disappearance of his younger brother Rodney (Affleck). It’s set to the background of economic decline and social struggle, making this a film about the dark, often ignored side of the American dream.

Christian Bale, Out of the Furnace
Bale's steady and nuanced performance has impressed the critics.

The LA Times’ Betsey Shakey is impressed both with the “lean script,” which “gives a face to the all too familiar struggle” as well as the strong performances of the all-star cast. “Bale and Affleck are as nuanced as Harrelson is unhinged,” the review notes “It is among the finest work done by all three.”

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Ain't Them Bodies Saints Review

Very Good

Although set in the 1970s, this dramatic thriller has a distinctly Western vibe to it, digging into the darker emotional corners of characters who are trying to make it through life on their own terms. It's moody and evocative, focussing on internal feelings rather that big action beats, so it feels dreamlike and a bit sleepy. And also strangely mesmerising.

When we meet Bob and Ruth (Affleck and Mara), they're hopelessly in love. She knows he's not good for her, but she's pregnant so makes the most of it. Short of cash in rural Texas, they plot a messy bank robbery, during which he injures police officer Patrick (Foster) and is sent to prison. Four years later, she's now living on her own with her young daughter, watched over by Bob's old mentor Skerritt (Carradine). But she's also struck up an awkward friendship with Patrick. So when Bob escapes from prison and comes back for her, he's in for a rather nasty shock.

Writer-director Lowery uses striking visuals and minimalistic dialog, shooting scenes with an unexpected sensuality to explore each point where these people interact. Everything is understated (the title is never explained at all), which allows the actors to give delicate, transparent performances that catch us off guard with their honesty. Affleck, Mara and Foster are fascinatingly complicated as three parts of an untidy triangle that only hints at romance. Carradine adeptly provides both wit and gravity to his scenes, while Parker gives a beautiful performance as Bob's reluctant buddy.

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Christian Bale, Out Of Gotham And 'Out Of The Furnace' [Trailer + Pictures]

Christian Bale Casey Affleck Woody Harrelson Zoe Saldana

Christian Bale doesn’t stop for long; before he’d announced his decision to step down as Gotham City’s savior, the actor was working his way towards another type of hero. This time, he’s a working class hero without a fancy costume as Russell Baze – a steel worker forced to go in search for his ex-soldier brother who falls in with a criminal gang, headed by Curtis DeGoat (Woody Harrelson).

Christian BaleBale is faced with finding his brother in Out of The Furnace

An incredible cast of Academy Awards winners and nominees sees Bale and Harrelson joined by Casey Affleck, Forest Whitaker, Willem Dafoe, Zoe Saldana and Sam Shepard. It’s good to see Bale back in a more human role, despite his best efforts to attribute that aspect to Batman in the popular Dark Knight trilogy.

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Out Of The Furnace Trailer

Russell Baze lives in a rundown, underprivileged neighbourhood where he works full-time at a steelworks while also trying to support his wife and take care of his dying father. His spirits lift, however, at the arrival of his brother Rodney, a soldier, who has finally come home after serving in Iraq. Unfortunately, he brings will him a burden - he's in need of money and has approached a ruthless crime boss in order to get it. They arrange for him to take part in a bare-knuckle boxing match, but when he fails to comply with the winning/losing arrangements he made with his new boss, he suddenly disappears without a trace. Russell goes to the police who are less than helpful and have been unable to find his brother and so he decides to go after the gang himself, determined to seek justice.

This gripping crime thriller has an all-star cast and has been directed by Scott Cooper ('Crazy Heart') who also wrote the screenplay alongside Brad Ingelsby ('The Dynamiter'). It's a story of desperation, justice and loyalty and just how far people would go to save their loved ones. 'Out Of The Furnace' is set to appear on UK cinema screens on November 29th 2013.

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Out Of The Furnace: Christian Bale Is Working Class Hero After Leaving Batman Behind

Christian Bale Casey Affleck Scott Cooper

Christian Bale is moving away from Batman – a rich superhero with unlimited resources, to Russell Baze – a working class hero with nothing but his grit and determination to find his brother in Scott Cooper’s new drama, Out of The Furnace.

Christian Bale Batman PremiereChristian Bale recently gave up the Batman mantle

“You often find superheroic people wearing capes and costumes in film today," says Cooper. "But working-class Americans are the real heroes. This is the story of this man who works in a blast furnace, but with themes of justice, retribution and courage." Bale plays a steelworker who has to confront tough criminals while searching for his missing brother, an Iraq War veteran played by Casey Affelck.

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Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx Sign On For Adaptation Of Unpublished Book

Leonardo Dicaprio Jamie Foxx Christian Bale Zoe Saldana Woody Harrelson Casey Affleck

Leonardo Dicaprio will re-team with his Django Unchained co-star Jamie Foxx for an adaptation of S. Craig Zahler's crime novel Mean Business on North Ganson Street. Zahler is set to write the script, with DiCaprio and his Appian Way partner Jennifer Davisson Killoran acting as producers, according to

Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio At The Tag Heuer Party

The book is yet to be published and is currently in galley form, being shopped around some of the big houses. DiCaprio will play a hardened detective who, after being told that his beautiful wife is missing, is also told she is a hooker who has taken off with his money. His character commits a desperate act in the squad room and is sent to work in a hellhole town called Victory, where violent crime is skyrocketing.

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Big Names Announced For Sundance 2013: Rooney Mara, Daniel Radcliffe, Jessica Biel

Rooney Mara Casey Affleck Daniel Radcliffe Jessica Biel Kristen Bell

Next year’s Sundance Film Festival will reflect an on-going trend in the movie world, for big name actors to seek out challenging and rewarding roles in independent films. The competition line-up for Sundance 2013 has been announced and Rooney Mara, Casey Affleck, Daniel Radcliffe, Jessica Biel and Kristen Bell are all amongst the big names headlining next year’s festival, which is considered a highlight of the international film festival calendar.

John Cooper, the director of Sundance, told The Hollywood Reporter “It’s a reflection of the landscape… We notice that there's a very, very vital community of actors taking roles in independent films - well-known actors in particular.” There are 27 films in competition at the 2013 festival, which will be screening 113 feature-length movies in total. These were whittled down from 12, 146 submissions – an increase of 429 from last year.

Taking a look at those big names in competition, then; Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara both appear in Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, a story about two outlaws, situated in the hills of Texas. Daniel Radcliffe, meanwhile, continues his attempt to break free of the clutches of Harry Potter, by playing Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, which brings together the great beat poets of the 1940s. Elizabeth Olsen and Jennifer Jason Leigh also star in this movie, centered on David Kammerer’s murder by Lucien Carr. Kristen Bell stars in The Lifeguard and Jessica Biel leads the cast in Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes, a dramatic thriller directed and written by Francesca Gregorini.

Which State Did Reese Witherspoon Name Her Child After?

Reese Witherspoon Ryan Phillippe Casey Affleck Summer Phoenix RYAN SHAWHUGHES Ethan Hawke

Reese Witherspoon’s baby boy has finally arrived, though anticipation has been building for an announcement on the little guy’s name. The actress and husband Jim Toth finally announced the news late on Thursday, introducing ‘Tennessee James’, reports Reuters.

Young Tennessee joins Witherspoon’s two older children, Ava, 12, and son Deacon, 9, from her first marriage to Ryan Phillippe. Resse and Jim’s spokesman Meredith O’Sullivan Wasson said in a statement, “Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth welcomed Tennessee James into their family today. Both mom and baby are healthy and the entire family is thrilled.” The ‘Legally Blonde’ actress married talent agent Toth at her ranch in California in March this year. The reasons for her choice of name for her latest child are obvious – the 36-year-old grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, and has always kept a keen hold on her heritage throughout her career in Hollywood. She won an Oscar in 2005 for her work on the country music film ‘Walk The Line’.

Naming babies after states seems to becoming ever more popular. Actor Casey Affleck and his wife Summer Phoenix (actor Joaquin’s sister) welcomed their son ‘Indiana’ in 2004. Ethan Hawke and wife RYAN SHAWHUGHES opted for the same name when their baby daughter arrived in 2011.

ParaNorman Review

The most surprising thing about this lively 3D stop-motion adventure is the way it never talks down to children. It recognises that kids like to be scared at the movies, and that they have a more sophisticated understanding of adults and relationships than we give them credit for. As a result, it's a movie that's both hilariously silly and genuinely creepy. And the superbly written and voiced characters will appeal to young and old viewers alike.

It's set in the sleepy town of Blithe Hollow, a tourist village cashing in on its grisly history of 18th century witch trials. This is where Norman (Smit-McPhee) lives, which is a bit annoying since he can speak to the ghosts which are lurking everywhere. His parents (Mann and Garlin) dismiss this as a childhood fantasy, while his boy-obsessed teen sister (Kendrick) just ignores him. At school, the class bully (Mintz-Plasse) makes his life miserable, and just when Norman thinks things can't get worse, his vagabond uncle (Goodman) tells him that he's the next in line to make sure the town's legendary witch doesn't enact her curse on the 300th anniversary of her death.

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Paranorman Trailer

Norman Babcock is an unpopular kid who has a strange ability: he can talk to the dead. Normally, this unusual talent wouldn't come in useful in everyday life but Norman lives in a town that has a centuries old curse put on it.

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Tower Heist Trailer


Josh Kovacs has been a resident in Queens for more than ten years; in that time, he has acquired and lived in one of New York City's most secured and lavish apartments. He works for the Wall Street billionaire Arthur Shaw, who just so happens to live above Josh, in a swanky penthouse flat, making him the wealthiest resident there.

One day, Arthur is convicted of stealing two billion dollars from his investors and he is placed under house arrest. The investors he stole from turn out to be Josh and his crew; Arthur has taken their pensions that they entrusted him to manage. Josh is forced to admit that his retirement fund was taken too.

Josh and his crew form a plan to take back their pension fund, which they think is hidden in Arthur's penthouse. They call upon a petty robber, Slide, to help them, who in turn hires his team of amateur thieves, to scout the penthouse. It turns out that the crooks know the layout of that particular apartment, so taking the two billion back should be a cinch, right?

Starring: Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck, Tea Leoni, Michael Pena, Gabourey Sidibe, Alan Alda, Nina Arianda, Judd Hirsch and Marcia Jean Kurtz

The Killer Inside Me Trailer

Lou Ford leads -what looks to be a pretty unremarkable existence, he's the deputy Sheriff of a small town but has two girlfriends one who works as a schoolteacher and the other a prostitute. When murders start happening in the sleepy West Texas town, no one is quite sure who's committing the murders. As investigators lean toward Lou as their prime suspect, he finds himself in a spiral of death as he struggles to clear his name. Things are never as they seem, the unassuming person the townsfolk thought they knew in Lou soon unravels and it becomes clear that all they were seeing was a facade.

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Gone Baby Gone Review

Numerous articles have been written over the years criticizing Ben Affleck's poor choices pertaining to his acting career. Google Gigli if you care to sample some slams. But Affleck's Gone, Baby, Gone should temporarily reverse the negative flow of copy for it finds the first-time filmmaker making a number of intelligent decision from the director's hot seat.

His best decision comes early. By adapting novelist Dennis Lehane's Boston-based thriller, Affleck commits to material that fits him like a glove. Affleck adores his hometown -- warts and all -- and Gone becomes as much an ode to the city as Lehane intended.

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Oceans Thirteen Trailer

Oceans Thirteen
Trailer Stream

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