Cate Blanchett really wanted to commemorate her Oscar win on Sunday, and what better more permanent way is there then getting yourself a tattoo? The actress was seen leaving a tattoo parlour with a bandage on her wrist opening speculation as to what special ink the ‘Blue Jasmine’ star might have had done. While we were a little surprised at the image of Cate getting tattooed she’s not the only celeb sporting some unlikely ink.

Cate Blanchett Oscars 2014Cate Blanchett went from the red carpet to a tattoo palour after her Oscar win

Firstly none other thank Dame Helen Mirren has gone under the tattoo needle. The actress sports some ink on her left thumb of all places. The Dame said she got it when she was very drunk, a long time ago before tattoos were cool and mainstream, which is why she hates it now. She told ‘Good Morning America’ back in 2010 "I was very, very drunk. It was a very, very long time ago, when only sailors and Hell's Angels were tattooed, honestly, and prisoners. And I decided to get a tattoo because it was the most shocking thing I could think of doing." Seems Helen was always ahead of her time.

This next one might be the strangest celebrity tattoo of them all. Another unlikely candidate to take a trip to the tattoo palour is Mandy Moore, who sports a heart on the top of one her toes, however the other foot contains a small taft of a, ahem, ‘baby sperm’. The singer revealed in 2010 that she got it on tour after her and her band members were ‘were goofing off, writing a song about babies or something,” and then "somehow that evolved into everybody getting inked." That’s certainly one of the most interesting tattoos we’ve heard of.

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Also going for a foot tattoo is Jennifer Aniston, who took a trip to the tattooist chair back in 2011 to commemorate her dog Norman, who had died that year. The tattoo bears the pup’s name and can be found on the inside of her right foot. Another actress using ink to commemorate is Sandra Bullock who has a tattoo in memory of her late mother above her heart. Sandra is probably no stranger to ink considering she was once married to the heavily tatted Jessie James.

You'll never guess what Mandy Moore has a tattoo ofYou'll never guess what Mandy Moore has a tattoo of

Pretty Woman’ star Julia Roberts has also got a little ink work on her lower back which spells out the name of her children. she has some catching up to do with her biggest fan though - yes there’s a man out there with 82 tattoos of the actress on his body. Wow. Penelope Cruz, has more than one tattoo in her collection, she sports a crucifix on her hand and numbers ‘883’, for an unknown reason on her ankle. Models also aren’t ones to shy away from getting inked, Miranda Kerr has a subtle white heart on her wrist whilst fellow Victoria’s Secret angel Adrianna Lima has a tribal patter on the inside of her left ankle.

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One actresses who has surprised us with the sheer number of her tattoos is Lea Michele. The ‘Glee’ star sports a number of well hidden tattoos, thought to be about 12. This includes a bird, a butterfly and some musical notes thought to be from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. She also was recently confirmed she had a matching tattoo with her late boyfriend Corey Monteith and has since had the last words he ever said to her ‘if you so so’ inked on her ribcage.

Lea micheleNext time you see Lea Michele, count the ink

So there you have it, Hollywood is fully of surprisingly inked actress just take a closer look at them next time they walk the red carpet. Some have done a pretty god job of hiding theres.

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