Cate Blanchett has jokingly suggested ''human condoms'' could help to save the theatre industry.

The 51-year-old actress has floated the idea of pulling on rubber safety suits before entering theatres to ensure productions can still go ahead amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Hollywood star said: ''In the short-term it may mean ­plexi-glass between the seats.''

Cate then jokingly added another idea into the discussion, as she pondered ways to safeguard the long-term future of the theatre industry.

She quipped: ''Human condoms? I've bought shares in condom manufacturing.''

Cate thinks every effort must be made to protect the theatre industry from going bust.

The acclaimed actress told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''What are people going to do with their spare cash? They want to listen to music, they want to go to the theatre, they want to see a film.

''They don't just go to the theatre district, they go to the restaurants, they get cabs, so there's a huge multiplying effect.

''We're all going to want to go out, whether it's a music festival or theatre. That's the stuff we're all going to miss.''

Meanwhile, Cate recently admitted she faces a ''constant juggle'' between work and family commitments.

The 'Mrs. America' actress - who has Dashiell, 18, Roman, 16, Ignatius, 12, and five-year-old Edith with husband Andrew Upton - thinks it's a ''rare partnership'' where men accept the same level of responsibility to home life.

She said: ''I know, as a working mother who identifies as a feminist, it's a constant juggle between ­foll­ow­ing your personal and professional passion, and trying to give yourself over to and serve your family.

''It's a very rare partnership where the men also accept that responsibility in making things work.''