Cate Blanchett had "never read anything like" the script for 'TAR.'

The 53-year-old actress stars in the leading role in the upcoming drama movie - which tells the story of struggling German orchestra conductress Lydia Tar - and explained that the new movie comes "top" of her list of experiences in acting after working with director Todd Field because it is "unlike" anything she has ever seen before.

She said: " I've had three experiences, no, four experiences, I think, 'TÁR' being top of the list. And then I played Blanche DuBois in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'' onstage, directed by Liv Ullmann, which was life-changing. Most of them have been on stage actually, and working with the other Todd Field on playing Bob Dylan. These asks that directors make of you, that you can't even imagine what the experience is going to be. Not just because we're here talking about it, but I would have to say 'TÁR', because my experience before I was even involved in the project of reading the script is I'd never read anything like it. And I think the film that Todd has made is unlike any other film that I've ever seen."

The Academy Award-winning actress went on to add that she was not aware that 'In the Bedroom' director Todd, 58, had also written the script for the movie with her in mind when she signed on to star and described her naivety in the situation as "fortunate."

She told Collider: "Fortunately, I didn't know that [he had written it for me] when we were working together. There was so much to do and the conversation was so rich, that it was literally like the gate opened, and we just went for it."

'Tar' is set to be released in UK cinemas in January 2023.