Cate Blanchett finds it ''excruciating'' to watch herself on screen.

The Oscar-winning star revealed that despite being widely recognised as one of the most accomplished stage and screen actresses of her time, she doesn't enjoy seeing herself in action.

She shared: ''The first time you watch yourself in any role, it's excruciating.

''The more you do it, the more you can treat it objectively and make comments like, 'oh that was a bad choice'. But it's never easy.''

Meanwhile, Cate also revealed she much prefers working in theatre than the film industry, explaining she enjoys having the opportunity to ''experiment''.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I'm very slow when it comes to embodying the character. That's why I love the theatre.

''Without sounding too pretentious, saying someone else's words - and making them sound like your own - is very complex in the neurolinguistic sense.

''Somehow, in the theatre, over six or seven weeks, the language sits in your body and naturally happens. Whereas with film, you don't always have the time to experiment.''

Cate's remarks come shortly after she revealed she hates being called a ''Hollywood actress''.

The 'Blue Jasmine' star said she isn't comfortable with the phrase because she thinks it is a subtle insult.

She explained: ''That's what they say about you when they want to insult you.''