Cate Blanchett might've put on a jaw-dropping performance in her most recent film Blue Jasmine, but she's about to display a new talent as a budding film director in the upcoming adaptation of The Dinner.

Perhaps working with such iconic directors as Woody Allen (Blue Jasmine), Peter Jackson (The Hobbit), George Clooney (The Monuments Men, due out 2014) and Kenneth Branagh - who she is currently filming the new adaptation of Cinderella with - has inspired her to branch out in her film career as she finally takes on the tricky role new in a new film based on the novel by Herman Koch.

It's a suspenseful thriller about two couples who are trying to make a drastic decision about their teenage sons who have been involved in a horrific situation that's now in the hands of the police. There is little action and one setting, but that will only make it harder to infuse each second with nail-biting tension and heart-stopping dread when it is put to film.

We have no fears about this Oscar winner's attempts, however, as she has regularly acted as co-artistic director of the Sydney Theatre Company with her husband Andrew Upton - also a playwright - and has previously directed productions of Blackbird and The Year Of Magical Thinking. After the sparkling reviews of Blue Jasmine, in which she plays a formally wealthy, upper class woman thrust into a world of normality, we don't think anyone's in any doubt as to her competence on the other side of the camera.

Cate Blanchett at the UK premiere of 'Blue Jasmine'
Cate Blanchett dazzled critics with her 'Blue Jasmine' performance.

Cate Blanchett at the US premiere of 'Blue Jasmine'
Cate will show her talent from the other side of the camera.