Cate Blanchett was named Best Actress at the Oscars tonight (02.03.14).

The Australian star picked up the trophy for her role in Woody Allen's 'Blue Jasmine' and paid tribute to all the other nominees as she was handed her award.

She said: ''As random and as subjective as this award is, it means a great deal in a year, yet again, of extraordinary performances by women.

''Amy Adams, everything you do, but your performance in 'American Hustle' blew my mind. And Meryl [Streep] what can I say? Sandra [Bullock], I could watch that performance to the end of time, and I sort of felt I had.

''Julia [Roberts] hashtag suck it! You know what I mean? And [dame] Judi Dench. What a career. And she's not here tonight, because at the age of 79 because she's in India doing a sequel to her film.''

Cate - who also won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2005 for her role in 'The Aviator' - also showed her support for 'Blue Jasmin's director, Woody Allen, who has endured a turbulent time recently after historical sexual abuse claims against him were raised.

She added: ''I am here excepting an award in an extraordinary screenplay by Woody Allen, thank you so much Woody for casting me, I truly appreciate it.

''I'm so very proud that Blue Jasmine stayed in the cinemas for as long as it did ... And to the audiences who went to see it. And perhaps those in the industry who are still foolishly clinging to the idea that female films with women at the centre are niche experiences. They are not, audiences want to see hem and in fact they earn money. The World is round, people!

''Thank you to my mum, my sister, to my brother, to my three glorious sons, I would not be standing her without you. To my husband, Andrew, you are a legend.''