Catfish And The Bottlemen believe 2017 will be the ''best'' year for them.

The rock band, which is comprised of Van McCann, Johnny Bond, Benji Blakeway and Bob Hall, believe they have had ''every fight'' and ''every joke'' that could possibly have been had, and are ready to embark on a great future ahead, which they believe will beat every other year ''by a mile''.

Speaking about the band and their career, McCann, 24, told the Metro newspaper: ''Every fight's been had, every joke's been had.

''But this year will be, by a mile, our best yet.''

Meanwhile, the group have teased they will be releasing new music before the end of the year, and have admitted they would love nothing more than to churn out album after album every six months.

Speaking previously, McCann said: ''The end of the year is when we're supposed to start recording but I think we'll be done by then.

''I don't know when we'll be allowed but we're ready to go, I've got the songs.

''We'd release an album every six months if we could but you've got to take them around the world and stick to the schedule.''

The 'Cocoon' hitmaker's are set to perform at this year's Isle of Wight festival.