Cee Lo Green's life changed when he saw The jacksons perform.

The 'Forget You' hitmaker was taken to see the singing siblings - formed by late King of Pop Michael Jackson - when he was a child and can remember the show clearly.

He said: "My first gig was The Jacksons in 1984. I must've been five or six and I was completely inspired, blown away. They were such a powerful unit of performers, they were dazzling.

"They opened up with, 'Can You Feel It', and I can still remember those horns and The Feeling they evoked In Me. I refer to it often as a moment when my life changed."

Cee Lo is also a huge fan of Iggy Pop, who he believes to be the "ultimate American icon".

He explained: "Iggy Pop is the ultimate American icon, like the anti-working class hero, this drugged-up rebel kid with too much energy who's thumbing his nose at the world.

"I love Iggy Pop. Everything he's ever done."