Singer Cee Lo Green walked out of a tattoo parlour while the inking on his back was only half-finished - because he was in too much pain.
The Crazy hitmaker has countless designs on his body but admits when he requested a huge tree on his back, the agony of the needle was too much to bear.
He ended up quitting the session halfway through - and he's too scared to go back and have the tattoo completed.
Green tells Q magazine, "I think that the tree on my back gave me the most pain. When you get your arms done... if you can see what's going on, then maybe, psychologically, you think you can control it. Apparently you can because it doesn't hurt so bad.
"With your back, you're lying on your front getting the tattoo and you just feel totally out of control - you can't get a gauge on whether they're close to completion so I gave up on it and I have an unfinished tattoo on my back. It was meant to be a family tree; I haven't been in a rush to finish it."