The brother of former A-TEAM star DIRK BENEDICT is refusing to relive the moment he shot his father dead in the press. The family's troubled past has been dredged up by British newspapers this weekend (13-14JAN07) after Dirk became a contestant on hit reality show Celebrity Big Brother earlier this month (JAN07). But despite his smiling persona on the small screen, viewers are intrigued by his tragic past which saw elder sibling ROY shoot his abusive father in the chest to stop him brutally beating their mother. Roy, who was cleared of any wrongdoing, insists, "We don't speak about those things. My brother has told me to keep quiet. Out of respect for him I can't tell you anything." In the past Dirk has described the moment, aged 18, he saw his father killed as confused. He said, "The moment spins out of control. My mother sits in the bay window seat by the fireplace. She turns her battered face to me. I am in her arms all a-blur."