Things are getting tense in the Celebrity Big Brother house, just two days after the show’s kickoff, but would anyone have any other way?

The whole basement/luxury upstairs quarters scenario has become the source of a lot of the tension in the house, as those downstairs get increasingly cross with the lucky upstairs residents. The other reason for the problems? American reality show duo Speidi, aka Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who gained international stardom (well, sort of) on MTV’s scripted reality drama thing The Hills. According to the pair, Spenser’s portrayal on as the villain of The Hills was for entertainment purposes only and it didn’t matter that he was painted black for the world to see, as long as the checks were rolling in. Maybe not a villain, but certainly a bit annoying, if the first couple of days on CBB are anything to go by.

During that time, Spencer managed to tee off a bunch of his fellow contestants, before he and Heidi moved up to the luxury rooms at the surprising decision of Frankie Dettori. Their run didn’t stop there, however, as Heidi got into something of a bikini body contest with page three model Lacey. Overall, it’s your standard drama this year. If you enjoy watching semi-famous people, lounging about their opulent surroundings and complaining about anything and everything – Celebrity Big Brother – tune in for more.