Cerys Matthews' daughter ''knows more about the world'' than she does.

The former Catatonia singer - who has 11-year-old daughter Glenys and nine-year-old son Johnny with ex-husband Seth Riddle and five-year-old son Red with second spouse Steve Abbott - tries to shield her kids from ''appalling'' websites but admits developments in technology make it hard to keep track on everything they view.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''The internet is a frontier and we have no idea what's beyond. Our children are roaming around the Wild West and there's nobody policing it. I put a parental lock on the computer but as soon as my kids leave the house they have access to the most appalling sites on other children's smartphones.

''I check my daughter's Instagram account and raise questions about specific things like 'does this enhance the quality of your life?', but really I'm not sure what else I can realistically do.

''Truthfully, my daughter knows more about the world than I do - and I toured in a band for 10 years. Sex, drugs, you name it, she's seen it. Not so much of the rock'n'roll, although she likes Nirvana.''

Despite her years of chart success, the 46-year-old presenter admits her kids aren't interested in her former career.

She laughed: ''I told [Glynis] I used to be in a band in the nineties but all she said was 'whatever'! Children don't care about their mum and dad's hinterland, and quite rightly so.''