When 23.11.2012

Funk singer Chaka Khan is spotted at the reception desk of a dentist's office in LA. Seemingly spotting the paparazzi through the window, she fixes her hair in a mirror before leaving the building. One photographer starts singing: 'Get ready for the paparazzi, get ready for the paparazzi, looking all sexy' as she does this.

She waves at the paps as she makes her way to her car and she is asked what three albums she would recommend to someone who has never heard music before. 'Oh, 'Bitches Brew', Miles Davis; me, 'CK' and Joni Mitchell, 'Hejira'', she replies. Photographers compliment her and tell her there was no need to fix her hair before meeting them. 'Thank you', she said. 'I just got back from China yesterday so. I don't know where I am right now!" She also said that although she is proclaimed the Queen of Funk, she is yet to find her King.


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