Rapper Chamillionaire is angry with his record label bosses for holding up the release of his upcoming album VENOM because they want the project to contain more "pop" music.
The Ridin' star has been working on the follow-up to Ultimate Victory since 2007 but the record has been further delayed by music executives looking to market the disc to non-rap fans.
He tells WENN, "My album Venom, a lot of people are waiting on that, they (are) wondering what's the hold up on that so I just try to handle a lot of stuff. And I just wanna (sic) make sure the album's right.
"There's still arguments with the record label, they be telling you how to do things (sic), telling you it needs to be pop and all this stuff. I just want things to be fresh and when I'm confident about it, (I will) put it out.
"Also I want there to be the demand. I want people to want it."