Ok, let’s talk about Chance the Rapper and No Better Blues, because that’s what you’ve been listening to all day anyway. And if it isn’t… why? Chance and The Social Experiment just released the track via SoundCloud this past Thursday. Besides being a really cool song (I’ll get to that part) No Better Blues also represents another steps in creators’ efforts to get their work straight to the people, skipping industry middlemen. Since CtR and The Social Experiment posted the link to their Twitter, the track has reached No. 2 on the network’s Trending 140.

Chance the Rapper
Chance the Rapper is trying another unconventional avenue for music distribution - direct SoundCloud download.

The release is part of Twitter’s not-quite-thriving music service, so users can listen to it without even leaving the page/app. On Thursday, the social-media giant announced Twitter Audio Cards, which will allow listeners to listen to audio directly from their Twitter timelines with one click. Users can then dock the song in the corner and continue playback as they browse inside the mobile app.

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But let’s talk about the song for a second, because I’m calling it now – No Better Blues taps into the spirit of a generation. With lines like “I hate schedules, calendars, reminders, cause they just remind us/ that tomorrow’s gon’ be just as timeless” Chance has tapped into a part of everyone’s mind, that noone likes to admit to. You know, the depressed part. That’s the one I’m talking about. Also, the song is hella catchy. Basically, just go listen to No Better Blues. It’ll (probably) make your weekend.