Chance the Rapper has opened up about his battle with anxiety.

The 23-year-old musician - whose full name is Chancelor Johnathan Bennett - has revealed he has only recently been ''exposed'' to the overwhelming notion, and is beginning to get a ''better understanding'' of the issue, which he has admitted was never a topic of discussion when he was younger.

Speaking to Complex magazine about the anxious feeling, he said: ''Anxiety is now something that I'm just getting exposed to, it's a big conversation and idea that I'm getting introduced to now.

''For a long time that wasn't a thing that we talked about, I don't remember people talking about it... when I was growing up... I'm starting to get a better understanding of that part of my life.''

The star has also claimed he may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but he doesn't want to ''convince'' himself he does have it because he doesn't want to feel he is ''hindered'' by the condition.

He said: ''[I] could have PTSD. [I don't] ever want to convince myself that I'm hindered by anything in any of my experiences because I also believe in God''.

The 'No Problem' hitmaker has admitted he will struggle to combat the condition because he is ''scared ''of taking medication.

He explained: ''I'm kind of scared of medication.''