It is an unusual platform for such business, but Chance the Rapper has decided to advertise for a new intern via Twitter, and so far he has been inundated with applications since he put the job out there yesterday (March 27th 2017). But then, who wouldn't want to work for Chance?

Chance The Rapper at the GrammysChance The Rapper at the Grammys

The Grammy winning hip hop artist requested resumes from experienced creative professionals in a proposition that was made not on LinkedIn or any other kind of career network, but on his Twitter account. Naturally, there are plenty of gifted individuals out there who are desperate to be considered for the opportunity.

'I'm looking for an intern, someone with experience in putting together decks and writing proposals', he told his followers. 'I want intern resumes formatted as creative decks, pitches or proposals.' He added an email address to which all resumes should be directed.

Of course, people were still dropping their applications through Twitter comments. Canadian Olympic diver Riley McCormick began the hashtag #TakeAChanceOnRiley after explaining his interest as a second year law student living in Chicago. 'Have lots of experience dealing with the media and background in entertainment and contract law', he told Chance.

Others were confused about what exactly Chance meant by 'decks', and proceeded to send picture examples of patio decking they had completed. Looking at some of them, he'd be a fool not to hit those guys up too.

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His interest in finding an intern has got people wondering what sort of project he is planning. Could it be some sort of charitable venture to follow up his generous $1 million donation to Chicago Public Schools earlier this year? Or perhaps it's for a creative endeavour to follow his 2016 Grammy winning mixtape 'Coloring Book'.

Whatever it is, he's clearly not short of applicants for this unique role.