Chandler Riggs isn't the only shocking recent exit from 'The Walking Dead'. The actor has now been joined by series original and lead Andrew Lincoln, who's currently working on his final batch of episodes for the zombie apocalyptic show in the role of Rick Grimes.

Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs of 'The Walking Dead'Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs of 'The Walking Dead'

Reports surfaced a little earlier this year about Lincoln's decision to exit the franchise, and whilst we have no idea just how he'll be saying goodbye to a series that has been his home for eight seasons to-date, we do know that Lincoln's time will be up around halfway through season 9.

When Riggs came to the end of his time on the show, his character Carl Grimes was bitten by a zombie and eventually died, after saying goodbye to his family. With no information on how his on-screen father's going to go, he recently opened up about hearing the future for Rick.

Asked by Kevin Hernandez of Good Day Sacramento at the Fandemic fan convention if he was shocked by the recent news, Riggs replied: "Of course, yeah. I mean Andy has been on the show so long and he's had to leave his family every single year, so I was surprised but at the same time it's gonna be good for him to get back to his family and raise his kids... I haven't actually [talked to him about it], I haven't talked to him in months but, yeah."

Hearing Riggs talk about family and how taxing the time shooting a show as big as 'The Walking Dead' can be is certainly something most people can relate to. When work starts to have such a heavy impact on life and how much time you can spend with your loved ones, there are always some tough decisions to make in terms of where you go from that point.

It's a shame to hear Riggs and Lincoln haven't been in contact for "months", but we imagine the two will share a smile and a handshake with one another into the distant future whenever they come face-to-face.

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We'll bring you more news from the world of 'The Walking Dead' as and when we get it.