This year's festive TV schedule is packed with the regular annual drama specials, feel-good family films and classic TV shows resurrected from the past for a ratings jolt, but on December 30th, the oddest of all the Christmas TV is aired - Doggy Styling, on Channel 4

Every year, America's most ardent dog stylists come together at the world's largest grooming event in Hershey, Pennsylvania, which is generally considered the the Olympics of creative grooming.

But if you thought dog styling would find its limits with seriously smooth hair, dreadlocks and intricate patterns, you'd be wrong; these dog groomers have pushed the art to its very limits, creating the most absurd characters on their beloved pooches. 

Channel 4's 'Doggy Styling'

So, before the show airs towards the end of the year, here are some of our favourite dogs from a truly barmy collection. 

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