There’s a new trailer out for the upcoming Channing Tatum starrer 22 Jump Street. There were previously two trailers – the red band and the green band. This one is the green band trailer, except it has a new scene attached to the end. It’s pretty funny, if ever so slightly… well, you’ll see.

Check out the trailer below, courtesy of Sony.

22 Jump Street is the sequel to the 2012 hit 21 Jump Street (Sony didn’t get too creative with the titles) in which two deadbeat cops get sent to a high school to go undercover and bust a synthetic drug ring. In the new one, it looks like Jenko (Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) are up to their old tricks. Only they’ve now graduated from high school (in more ways than one) and are investigating a new case at a local college. Like 21, the sequel is directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller from a story by Michael Bacall.

Channing TatumJonah Hill
The "It" Pair.

Obviously, if you’re looking for high cinema to stimulate your intellectual capacities, this isn’t it. But as far as the “white dudes doing stupid stuff” genre goes, few do it better than Tatum and Hill. As Nick Offerman puts it in a rather meta moment from the trailer: “Ladies, nobody cared about the Jump Street reboot, but you got lucky. So now this department (read: studio) has invested a lot of money to make sure Jump Street keeps going.” Sounds like a solid plan to us. 22 Jump Street hits theaters on March 16.