Channing Tatum's wife says he is the ''perfect co-star''.

Jenna Dewan met the 'Magic Mike' actor when they worked on 'Step Up' together and she loved reuniting with him on screen for their latest movie '10 Years'.

Jenna told People magazine: ''Chan is the perfect co-star. I met him doing 'Step Up' so there's a natural chemistry. He's patient, supporting and a hard worker. He makes things easy.''

While the couple are deeply in love they have no plans to expand their family at the moment because they are so busy with their careers.

Jenna explained: ''I've always wanted to be a mom. When life can slow down a little bit we'll do it. Now my dogs Meeka and Lulu are my kids.''

'10 Years' features a group of friends who reunite at their high school reunion and while Jenna didn't attend hers, she has admitted to checking up on her former schoolmates.

She said: ''I didn't go because I was filming. But I've done my share of Facebook stalking. I've looked up every guy I dated and every guy I used to think was cute to see what they're doing.''